H2-PQQ Hydrogen Effervescent Tablets

H2-PQQ removes accumulated toxins from cells.
H2-PQQ enhances blood activity and improves oxygen-carrying capacity.
H2-PQQ rapidly improves cellular dehydration.
H2-PQQ promotes effective absorption of nutrients.
H2-PQQ eliminates inflammation and improves cellular microcirculation.


Hydrogen, the smallest element in the periodic table;

Selective antioxidant, targeting and eliminating free radicals;

Able to penetrate any cell in the body (including the blood-brain barrier).



Cultivated and extracted from Reishi mushroom (Ganoderma);

Supports brain health and enhances mitochondrial function;

Combining the "Three New Foods" with five global authoritative certifications.



PQQ is centrifugally displaced within the nanoporous core-shell of solid hydrogen, empowering each other, positively stacking, detoxifying cells, rejuvenating, activating the "Hope Molecule" and improving immunity.


H2-PQQ Hydrogen Tablets

Nano solid hydrogen technology, nanoporous core-shell encapsulating PQQ+

Nanobubble technology

Centrifugal dehydrogenation prevention technology

Nanoporous core-shell nutrient carrier technology

Antioxidant aging factor crystal layer stacking technology

In-situ water body recognition and pH balancing technology