H2-PQQ (Hydrogen Effervescent Tablets)

The H2-PQQ solid hydrogen technology uses molecular sieve ionization technology to displace PQQ and other nutrients. The hydrogen selectively performs antioxidant functions, while PQQ promotes the growth of new mitochondria and fights brain aging. Known as the king of immunity, these two ingredients empower each other for better results. It also balances the pH of the water. These effervescent tablets should be dissolved in water before drinking. Direct oral ingestion or swallowing is strictly prohibited.


Product Attribute: Solid Beverage

Single Tablet Weight: 0.7g/tablet

Bottle Packaging: 60 tablets/bottle

Shelf Life: 12 months

Storage: Sealed at room temperature or refrigerated

Standard: Q/KW 0001S-2021

Food Production License Number: SC10637010501195