With over 2,000 published papers on hydrogen medicine and over 5,000 associated scientists, hydrogen showcases its powerful medical properties by selectively neutralizing harmful oxygen free radicals.

  • H2-MRET Low-frequency Hydrogen-rich Water

    Revitalizing Blood and Cells
    A technology that selectively antioxidants.
    A technology that creates small molecule water.
    A technology that carries specific frequency information.
    A technology that does not add or change the water body.
    A technology that rapidly improves blood viscosity.

    10 2023-06-03
  • H2-ERB Foot Bath Tablets

    Improve microcirculation and bid farewell to "Cold, Damp, Stagnation, and Blockage"
    H2-ERB Foot Soak Tablets
    Perfect combination of solidified hydrogen and natural herbs.
    Micro-Nano Bubble Technology
    Centrifugal Dehydrogenation Prevention Technology
    Microporous Core-Shell Carrier Technology
    Antioxidant Crystal Layer Stacking Technology

    5 2023-06-03
  • H2-PQQ Hydrogen Effervescent Tablets

    H2-PQQ removes accumulated toxins from cells.
    H2-PQQ enhances blood activity and improves oxygen-carrying capacity.
    H2-PQQ rapidly improves cellular dehydration.
    H2-PQQ promotes effective absorption of nutrients.
    H2-PQQ eliminates inflammation and improves cellular microcirculation.

    5 2023-06-03